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EASIER Installation

The ICF Model BEAM POCKET is a cast-in-place adjustable beam pocket. Fits W6 to W14 steel beams and up to 7" x 14" wood beams. Anchors bolts included. Bearing plate height adjustment without a crane. Stays in the concrete. Almost nothing to remove. NO shims. NO welding.

steel beam in ICF wall
wood beam in ICF wall

EASY Removal

Only 2 small pieces of metal need to be removed before beam placement.

wood beam pocket stuck in concrete
ICF BEAM POCKET just after the pour

EASY Beam Placement

The beam can be set in a few minutes with the ICF Model BEAM POCKET.
Small adjustments in height location of the beam can be achieved with a wrench, without a crane.
Crane time can be reduced by up to 80%. NO shims.

BP Beam Pocket after concrete pour
ADJUST the beam height with a wrench
ready for beam placement
ready for beam placement